Test, evaluate, what you think you know.

The developing tragedy that is America: A mystery that is hidden in ancient inscriptions of the Middle East?

Have the ancient “gods” returned? Are these ancient gods behind what is happening in our divided nation? Behind our TV news, computer monitors, and our deteriorating education system? Our leaders, The seemingly ‘posessed” Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, to name a few?

Behind the ‘hell bent’ determination of the Biden administration to completely turn this country over to American Marxism and Communism? A ONE PARTY, AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORSHIP?

Are these entities behind the movements of our times?

Was a cultural revolution started in New York by one of these dark entities? Why is the sign of the rainbow saturating our culture?

Is the Supreme Court being influenced by one of these ancient gods that has returned? Is it time we asked why ‘Dark Powers’ are at work, changing our modern world beyond recognition?

There is an ancient dark trinity that has come into our world.

There are many ‘sacred cows’ in our world and nation today that need to be exposed.

Have the gods returned? They have been away for ages. The ancients exiled them. They used to reign over tribes, nations, kingdoms, and empires. The gods were sent into exile. The world they left had disappeared. The gods could not rule over the modern world, as they had over the ancient, but they would rule over it.

To gain dominion over the modern world, that could not appear as they had in ancient times. They came as spirits of enlightenment, freedom and power; they came as secular gods, new gods, alternate gods, gods that granted godhood, gods that denied that they were gods, and gods that declared that they were no gods — they came as gods of the modern world. Ref: J Cahn’s THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PG 7.

The gods are now with us. They can be found in our institutions, our government, our legislatures, our corporations, they peer from our skyscrapers, they perform on stages, teach in our universities, they saturate our media, direct our news cycles, inspire our entertainment, and give voices to our songs, they perform in stadiums, and theaters, and light up the television 24/7, they incite new movements and ideologies, and convert others to their ends.

So, what is it that you can confidently say that you know?

These gods haunted the ancient world. They have disappeared for 2000 years.

Do you know about these? There were and are gods in every land. ( lesser fallen *’elohim assigned to rule over nations Psalm 82.) Enlil of Sumer, Ra of Egypt, Amorak of the Arctic, Kulkukan of Central America. Tiamat of Babylon, Wotan of northern Europe, Dionysus of Greece, Obatala of Africa, Bixia of China, Oro of Polynesia, Ahura Mazda of Persia, Perun of Russia, Shamash of Syria, Dagda of Ireland, Juno of Rome, Shiva of India, and multitudes of others. *Study Michael Heiser’s book: The Unseen Realm, for his interpretation of Psalm 82, it is a revelation.

Ask yourself, what it is that you think is going on in this world, what do you KNOW? It’s time to wake up to spiritual realities about ancient entities and how they have manifested in our modern culture. They’re back, and it’s all scriptural, Though it has a new-age mythological drift to it. Frankie The Earthman. Frank it up with Frankie,

Frank it up!

For further, deeper study without my comments and paraphrasing of Jonthan Cahn’s scholarly, Godly teaching and preaching, look into: Cahn’s book THE RETURN OF THE GODS.

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