Looking around at all of the lawlessness, the chaos, the deception; Looking at what is happening in America, in the world, everyone should be asking why. I know I am.

Yeshua, Jesus, gave a parable to his disciples, a parable within which, is a revelation of profound, massive, and prophetic ramifications for the modern world, in our own day. He said this: When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, “I will return to my house from which I came.” Ref: J. Cahn, Chapter six, pg, 23, THE RETURN IF THE GODS.


What does it mean? And how does it relate to the matter of the gods? And what significance could it contain concerning modern times?

THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS. So we have a man possessed by an ancient spirit. The man is delivered of that spirit. The spirit then wanders through dry places, presumably the desert, but finds no place to rest. It then decides to return to its “house”, and formerly possessed man.

When it returns, it finds that it’s former dwelling place, the man, is empty, swept clean, and set in order. The cleansed state of the vessel leads the spirit to go and bring back seven other spirits more evil than itself. Now the man is possessed by seven other spirits in addition to the original one. He is thus now in a worse condition at the end, than he was at the beginning.

At first, this might seem like a repossession. It could be applied to a possessed individual. But the parable is actually not about the man at all, it is only an illustration, an example, an analogy, used to reveal a spiritual principle and get a prophetic warning. In the study of scripture, we have to know what is literal, what is a figure of speech, what is a metaphor, and the like.

SPIRITS OF ROME. For understanding, look at the last words of the parable. “ So shall it also be with this wicked generation.So the parable is not about individual possession but collective, or mass, possession, the possession of a generation, a culture, a civilization.

The parable’s immediate application appears to be the generation that lived in first-century Judea. But the principles revealed in the parable extend far beyond the age and borders of that nation. They apply to Western civilization as a whole and span the entire age into the modern world. How so? Two thousand years ago the Roman Empire and Western civilization comprised a house of spirits, a civilization possessed of gods and spirits. But into the house came the Word of God, the Spirit of God, the gospel. Western civilization was set free from the spirits and became, as in the parable, a house set in order, a civilization cleansed.

So what happened to the principalities? The parable answers that. The spirits still exist but now dwell outside the house. So, in the case of Western civilization, the spirits that once possessed it still exist but now dwell outside the border of that civilization. They roamed the dry places, the desolate lands, they dwelled in the shadows, They dwelled in exile.

RETURN OF THE SPIRITS. The spirit in the parable finds no rest. So it seeks to return to its “house” to repossess it. When Jesus was about to cast the spirits out of the possessed man known as the demoniac, it is recorded that the spirits pleaded with Him to be cast into a nearby herd of pigs. The spirits are parasitic, they need a host to possess. We would expect the same spirits that once possessed Western civilization would seek to do it again. But the question must be asked: How could the spirit return to the house from which it had been dispossessed?

THE EMPTY HOUSE AND THE SEVEN OTHERS. It could only do so if the house has become unoccupied, and empty, and the door has been left open: The parable continues: And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. The house was clean and set in order because of its initial deliverance, or exorcism. And yet the implication is that no one is now living there. The house was left empty. Thus it is open to being reoccupied. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

THE DARKER STATE. Here is the warning: The house that is cleansed and put in order but remains empty will be repossessed. If it is repossessed it will end up in a worse state than if it had never been cleansed. What happens if we apply this to an entire civilization? ( Pause: Could it be this is the current status of America? We were founded on Godly principles, with Israel as our example, our pattern. America has fallen away, since nothing replaced our backsliding, we left the door open for the Satanic activity that is taking place in our country.)

I believe generally speaking we are a nation possessed. The translation goes like this: Should a culture, a society, a nation, or a civilization, be cleansed, exrocised of the gods and spirits — but then remain or become empty– it will be repossessed by the gods and the spirits that once possessed it, and more. And it will end up in a far worse state than if it had never been cleansed or exorcised at all. It will, according to the parable, end up many times more possessed and evil than before.


HOW would the gods return? IN THE ACCOUNTS OF EXORCISM, The spirits are cast out by the Word and power of God, and in the name and authority of Jesus. When the Roman Empire and Western civilization were delivered from the spirits and gods, it happened the same way, by the Word and power of God, and by the name and authority of Jesus. Our civilization turned away from God.

PRE CHRISTIAN VERSUS POST CHRISTIAN. A post Christian civilization will end up in a far darker state than a pre Christian civilization. It is no accident that the modern world and not the ancient world has been responsible for unleashing the greatest evils upon the world. And it is no accident that when nations and civilizations that once knew God turned away, when they turned against the Christian faith they had once received, what came upon them would often be described in terms of the demonic. A pre – Christian society may produce a Caligula or a Nero. But a post – Christian civilization will produce a Stalin or a Hitler.

It is time for the mystery to be opened up about the gods and spirits in our day, and to our own culture and civilization, the return of the gods to America and Western civilization, and buy these to the world. It is a mystery that touches all of us, just as the working of the gods and the spirit is now touching, altering, and transforming the world around us. The next part of the reading will be about *The Dark Trinity. Joe Biden? Barack Obama? Many more? Or is the Dark Trinity something else?

Full credit for this post has to be given to Jonathan Chan and his book, The Return Of The Gods.

I, Frankie The Earthman have made comments throughout this post. I learned a long time ago something about Jonathan Chan. At the end of one of his books, I read that he promoted and supported the use of his material through blogs and other means of presentation of his work. I feel all of his work is revolutionary and a revelation from God. I know Jonathan allows this, because he is in the true spirit of the gospel, and the delivering of revelation knowledge. I give humble thanks and honor to be able to pass this knowledge on, as I feel that no one should miss it. Visit my blog – – Frankie The Earthman.

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