Cop answers on his radio, “We are at Dunkin’ donuts across from the Shell gas station between 3rd and 4th street on Burlington Avenue.” “We are watching a robbery taking place, I believe the owner was shot. Three perpetrators running across the gas station lot to get in their cars.”

Who would want to be a cop in today’s culture? The criminals are afforded every opportunity to rob, cheat, steal, and kill. Law enforcement is not allowed to enforce the law. They might as well exchange their blue uniforms for “target practice outfits”. A cop with a gun on his side that he’s not allowed to use, will surely put him in his grave. America is under the influence ancient spirit of BAAL.

Baal is a “lower elohim”, this is the lower god that the nation of Israel turned to, instead of the one true God in the ancient days. We know what happened to Israel. America is blindly, ignorantly, following the same course. The really sad thing is that probably less than 3% of the population has any awareness of the spiritual underpinnings of what is taking place in our chaotic country. Frankie The Earthman.

Run to the light.

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