In the Exodus event ( The deliverance from bondage in Egypt) we find the catalyst for Israel’s transition from a people to a nation.

God’s Edenic vision began with his announcement that humankind was his image. YHWH already had divine sons, he would also have a human family. In Genesis, we find that God had a divine council of imagers representing his authority in the ‘unseen realm’ and participated in his rule.

God planned a mirror council on earth composed of human imagers. God now had two family administrations that were together in his presence. Heaven had come to earth at Eden. Humanity was to extend the earthly presence and rule of God throughout the whole earth. God wanted to live and rule with all his children in his new creation. Friends and family, I hope all are starting to see, if we could see into God’s heart, we would see that he desires a family. God is all about family.

Genesis 3-11 teaches us that humanity failed miserably. It turns out that “free will given to imperfect beings” came with a risk. The incident at Babel, though foolish and self-willed, shows us that there’s an Edenic yearning in the human heart, a desire for utopia, and a sense of divine presence.

God was not about to trade in his version of Eden for humanities. He punished the nations with disinheritance. ( Ref Psalm 82 where God is chastising the lower elohim for their failure in ruling over the disinherited nations, all but Israel .) He would create new people as his portion. That inheritance had begun in covenant with Abraham and passed on through his family.

Egypt and its gods were defeated as God delivered that family from bondage, under Moses. However, corruption followed the family. What had been corrupted in Eden and counterfeited in the days of the flood and Babel was quickened to life on the other side of the waters of chaos. Excerpts from THE UNSEEN REALM: MICHAEL HEISER– Paraphrased. This study is offered in the spirit of learning for all, as Michael Heiser is a very gifted man. I choose to use a method known as “standing on the shoulders of others”, sometimes. I sincerely believe it is effective for one person’s experience to be added to another’s through their own experience, making the learning experience more valuable. My main concern is that the Word gets out. Frankie The Earthman. I do not receive nor want any compensation for my efforts. I highly recommend studying Michael Heiser’s work. God says “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

God’s Word must be divided carefully. If you don’t manipulate and unravel the “thread on a sack of seeds”, it will not open properly. So it is with the Word of God. A. Murray.

God is my rock…. I see a man praying, if you look to the lower right you will see a foot, and just up from that a bended knee, the middle part lower is the head, behind that is the shoulders, then the left side of the body. Picture was taken on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, near Front Royal. 10/ 13 /22.

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