Their teeth are rotten, though appearing nice and white Their breath stinks Their hair is greasy and disheveled looking They smell of mothballs Their suits are tattered and filled with dead insects The congressional lapel pins they wear, should be replaced with nazi symbols They stink of diarrhea and alcohol Their eyes are bloodshot and their lips all dried out They insist on photo opportunities with little children as they grope and sniff them. Oftentimes this abuse of children is carried out right in front of the closely standing by parents These parents don’t seem to notice or care as they are enamored with being with the popular politician or president It’s the Washington DC cancer It is in league with all of the mental sicknesses that come out of Hollywood Washington DC and Hollywood are brothers and sisters. Sick evil-minded people from both camps, though they are in rehabilitation, feel qualified to tell the rest of the world how to live Elizabeth Taylor was once quoted as saying “If it wasn’t for gay people there wouldn’t be any Hollywood.”. I view politicians rather harshly To me, they are somewhere in between used up, lying, cheating, money-grabbing, country betraying, used car salesman, and traveling caravan snake oil salesman. They are vampires, sucking the lifeblood out of the taxpayers and this country, every chance they get. Yet they, having no souls, have the balls and coochies to say, they are fighting for the soul of this country They are fighting for democracy They are fighting for equity To most of them I say “kiss my grits” And some of you that know me, know that I’m being nice.

Vote for me, my friend, how I view mist politicians.

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