Now we know. If anyone didn’t know before, now you should.

I hope people finally see through the deceptive Satanic smile of Barack Obama. Let’s take a quick look at his family. At best ‘Michael Michelle’ is a “hermaphrodite.” I think there are two choices when we think of he/she/ it, she either has dual plumbing ( A man and a woman ) maybe not ‘fully’ in either capacity. Maybe somehow she was able to have her two children, but I am very suspicious.

Then as the popular rumor goes, maybe the two kids are “rental units” ; contributing to the complete fraud that Barack and Michael are.

OK let’s change gears. Watching Fox News this morning with Pete Hegseth and Joey, some important things were said. They were commenting about the vicious attack on America, and its many different forms and manifestations. The gist of it was that the Satanic Democrat Party wants to do away with white people. They want to do away with the middle class. They want to do away with everything that is American. They want to destroy the history on which this country was founded. They want to do away with Christianity. They want to close the churches. They want children to be able to change genders and be supported by their parents, or the parents could be charged with a felony.

So, there are more attacks and agendas on everything that is American, but what I’ve said so far will suffice.

Now we know, that is, if we didn’t know already. What Barack Obama meant back in the 2008 era was this. The meaning behind the “change” needed in America ( that this devil canpigned on) was; ‘change’, ( ‘really destroy’) everything in this country. Sell America out completely to the highest bidders .Weaponize and politicize the FBI, the Department of Justice, the court systems, the education systems, ruin the military. Open up the borders, allow in enough fentanyl to kill all Americans twice, and don’t forget to target the children. ( does anybody want to bet that Joe Biden and the crime family, are receiving big time money for their open border policy?)

The ‘change’ also meant to destroy America’s energy independence. Sometimes I think that the whole Covid 19 debacle, was a big human experiment on how to control people.

So as I’ve made my point ‘where’ did all this start? ‘When’ did all of this start? That’s a difficult question, but there are some signs. For us people living in the modern culture since the sixties; we could go back to the Kennedy era and the Cuban missile crisis. We could look at Kruchev pounding his shoe on the podium, and saying that he was going to destroy America, during those days… We could look at Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism.

Fast forward a little bit, having left a lot of stuff out, I want to say this. Seems to me that Bill and Hillary Clinton being at the controls, was a beginning of the hatred and division going on in this country. Hillary was to be the next Queen. Her loss to Donald Trump sent her down the trail to vengeance. The whole Trump dossier. The corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice, set in place by Barack Obama appointies. OK I think you get my point.

So, we arrive at the “drooling half-wit moron” Joe Biden. Sense Hillary couldn’t complete the change needed by losing to Trump, in steps Joe Biden. Why bother to go into it, everyone knows what is happening, or hopefully, they do. Folks, we better get out and vote in November or we are screwed, glued, and tattooed. Currently, Washington DC, under this president’s administration, is one of the main seats of Satan’s power, and it has been for a while. Frankie The Earthman.

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