Today, actually this afternoon, after a very satisfying walk and excellent picture taking opportunity with Princess Aja on this fine fall day; we came home to have some food and then nap.

I woke up speaking in a peculiar odd voice. At first, I just assumed it was part of my dream. The dream involved me having some type of discussion, about what I cannot remember, You know how dreams are.

Anyway, I woke up speaking in this, what I would call an ‘alter ego voice.’ As the day proceeded my wife and son came home and I began to clown around with them, using this new voice. What dawned on me was the fact that I could communicate deep thoughts, ideas, and truer feelings, than I might not otherwise communicate in my natural voice. Also, I found it very effective to use this voice comically, yet reveal my deepest feelings. Knowing human nature as I do, I hoped that although they laughed when I spoke in this voice, they would later grasp the deeper message I was trying to give them; the message I was trying to give my wife and son, that is. I envision myself using this alter ego voice and a new way of communicating. Is Frankie The Earthman?

Photography: ” To paint with light” : Latin

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