The situation, consider this: A young Christian boy attends a local public school somewhere in America. One day the teacher passes around a copy of a certain book to all students for a lesson. The theme of the book is centered around a young child that has two gay men as parents. As the young Christian child begins to listen as the teacher reads from the book; he puts his book down and raises his hand to talk to the teacher. The teacher acknowledges him and listens to his comment. The boy says “God designed the family to be between a man and a woman only. I refuse to take part in this lesson.” The teacher says the boy can go down to the principal’s office and wait for her to come after the class is over. Once the teacher arrives in the principal’s office the conversation begins. Without telling the whole conversation, it ends this way. The teacher ( with the principal’s approval ) tells the young boy that a report will be written on his abnormal, contrary, bigoted behavior. The teacher goes on to tell the boy that this “write-up” will stay with him through his graduation, And will remain on record. The teacher goes on to warn the boy that if something happens like this again ( as the school plans a transgender storytelling time in three weeks ) he will be required to go see a Psychologist. The teacher goes on to inform the boy and remind him that this report will also be on his school record until he graduates.

This situation is taking place daily in some of our schools in America. How does this make you feel? Visit my blog. littkeraventhepoet.blog. Frankie The Earthman.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

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