Shouldn’t we wonder why Joe is so nonchalant, so casual, so flippant? Shouldn’t we go ahead and say, that we might as well have the ‘king’s court jester’ as our leader in this country?

The following is what I believe to be concerning this matter. First of all, I think that Joe Biden is under the delusion that just because he was *elected ( *questionable) to office; that the majority of Americans approve of his administration. This is a total joke. Just like Barack Obama early on, maybe we were hopeful of good things, maybe we were hopefull for a spirit of unity, but Joe Biden is a delusional broken man.

The reason he acts seemingly unaffected and uncaring about the questions concerning the chaos that he has created in this country; is that he is not making the decisions. His ‘cult club’ administration, whoever they are, are the ones making the decisions. So his ‘cult club’ has created this monster, and they have relieved him of responsibility and accountability. See the chickens are coming home to roost on November 8th. My prayer is that Joe Biden will become a lame-duck president.

In a lot of ways this country is getting what it deserves. At least half the country has endorsed a spirit of murder under the guise of freedom of choice, and women’s abortion rights. As usual the radical left doesn’t understand the real meaning of the Supreme Court decision on abortions, ie: Abortion rights haven’t ended, they have just been delegated to the States. As usual the radical left just wants to cause a bunch of trouble. I’m looking for a red wave on November 8th.

This dying tree is symbolic of Joe Biden’s presidency.

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