Why hate Christians? Is it because they want to know their creator? Is it because they believe God at His Word? Is it because they want to align themselves with morality? Is it because they want the promises of God, one being eternal life?

Is it because they understand the importance of ‘absolute truth?’ Is it because they don’t want to be part of the lawlessness, deception, destruction, and death of our current culture, and these end times? Is it because they have studied scripture like a lawyer, yet in the spirit of a little child, and have gained wisdom the world just can’t offer? Is it because they know in God they get the spirit of life, apart from God is only the spirit of death, which is evident in our culture, society,and decline.

I know that christians make a lot of mistakes in presenting themselves to unbelievers. I also know that unbelievers Are not very tolerant of Christianity or christians. It should be known that at least christians love the unbeliever, but won’t put their stamp of approval on what they ‘do.’ A good witness for Christ would deliver a measured “tough love.”

Why is it that the Republican “conservative right” are not the ones rioting in the streets? ( and please don’t make me sick with the January 6th Democrat debacle and lie)

Why is it that democrats, like bleeding heart Stacy Abrams ( I always picture her with her big broad behind singing the ‘Chili’s baby back rib song”, smirk) expect christians and those on the conservative right to accept her nonsense. Her nonsense being in a recent TV appearance,

said that the reason “Americans are upset about food and gas prices, is because of their children.” Therefore as her warped logic goes, we need to have abortions on demand, and she means up to and including after they’re born, just ask her. The democrats basically believe that children are a burden and not a blessing.

Further: The LGBTQ + which is 1-2% of the population, expect believers to accept their insult to God and to the average person’s intelligence. What am I talking about you might be asking? God says that we are made in His image, we are His IMAGERS. We are Trichotomous in configuration, mimicking the triune Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The make up of human beings being body, soul, and spirit. Body being obvious, Soul being mind, will, and emotions, and Spirit being the gift of life from God.

The LGBTQ community and platform want to jam their belief system down everyone’s throat. They also expect believers to deny God and bow down to ‘their’ desires of what life is all about. But the problem that I have is that they are insulting God. A lot of them say that God made a mistake with ‘their gender makeup.’ This is a complete lie. There are a lot of factors in this fallen world that thwart our decision-making capabilities. But the best that I can make of it, deciding not to be what God made a person to be is a big problem rebellious decision. Feelings don’t cut it. Some may change the outward appearance of a male or a female, but X’s are X’s, and Y’s are Y’s. God-made men and women, without both of them, there is no survival of the species. Homosexuality and Lesbianism are an abomination to God. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God, not me. There are reasons that alternate lifestyles are an offense to God. I will not get into that right now.

In closing what is wrong in a world that rejects it’s creator. What is wrong in a world where people do want to acknowledge their creator. There are 2 choices in my evaluation you either go with God or you go with Satan, both choices have drastic consequences. Frankie The Earth man.

Run to the light.

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