When you’re old and all shot out When the days keep coming and you’re not quite sure if you’re willing to live them — When these days arrive and you find yourself in between being grateful and being so tired that you don’t care anymore — Then you know death is probably circling.

You know that your days have to end — Part of you wants them to end, and part is holding on — Hope still has a grip on you Memories make you happy, then sad, then sick — You wonder how so many people seem to be content with their everyday lives.

Sometimes this life seems so fragile — The screaming sounds from an ambulance or a fire truck remind you that someday they will come for you — I understand Edgar Allen Poe in a very personal way now. I believe that Edgar’s Raven was several things. One of them was the realization that everything he loved would eventually be ripped away from him. Leaving him as if he was a dead man walking — The second is that ‘The Raven’ might have represented his lack of Christian faith.

When the days keep coming — what will you do with them? Frankie The Earthman.

When the days keep coming.

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