It was a perfect summer day, the sun was at 10 o’clock shining brightly. The sky was a perfect blue, the clouds were warm and fluffy like marshmellows.

The child’s friendly, elderly, neighbor woman met the young boy as they started through the meadow down to the river They came upon the properties border fence A blackbird lit upon the rickety old round wooden post, singing it’s magical song

The elderly woman grabbed hold of the boy’s hand and said now listen closely “Picture yourself inside the blackbird, inside his head, feel his wings, feel his power, see as he sees, concentrate, concentrate, harder, concentrate, harder!… “There you go, that’s it ” As the blackbird sprung to flight … off it went … The joy-filled woman said to the young boy “how does it feel”… “How do you feel?” The boy was panting as he belted out FREE, FREE, FREE About 30 seconds of bliss went by as the boy enjoyed his flight over the farm land Suddenly the boy clutched at his chest as if he was in severe pain, the elderly woman startled, grabbed hold of him and said “boy what is wrong?” The lad grimacing in agony said … “It feels like nails driving into my chest and heart”.

The boy seemed to recover enough to start back to the farmhouse … On the way back they met Mr. Maroni He was standing over a blackbird lying dead in the grass. The boy asked, “what happened Mr. Maroni?” Mr. Maroni answered, ” I was busy pitching hay just outside of the barn … The blackbird attacked me, pecking at me, in defense, I lifted my pitchfork and stabbed him I didn’t try to kill him, I just wanted to scare him away.” The boy whispered “ I know” Frankie The Earthman. Inspiration from the movie THE OTHER– 1972.

FREE FREE FREE soaring higher, I’m free!

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