But first: Before we slip into unconsciousness, I’d like to have another kiss, another fleeting chance at bliss, another kiss … The late but always great, Jim Morrison

THREADS — The thick gnarly rope that ties my boat to shore is wearing thin The sailors well tied not is slipping The ‘threads’ that keep me bound in this skull of consciousness are weak and ready to snap This body that longs for permanent rest is faltering The beauty of all things that make this life worth living, mean even more to me now Experiences that I’ve had in this life and have done a thousand times, I want to do once more, and would like to do for eternity The eyes of my wife, son and daughter, and yes even my dog; I yearn to gaze into their eyes, as we enjoy the stuff of life I need these things also for eternity. I can’t seem to get enough of them. My heart breaks as the thought of loss I guess I’m about as simple and common a man as there is; out of most of the things that I’ve experienced in this slice of life, the simple greeting and wagging of a dog’s tail has moved me more than most anything A dog’s unconditional love is gold I wish humans were as good, including myself, at producing this pure gold. Frankie The Earthman

Hold on I’m coming

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