Studying about God’s law is not the most exciting thing in the world, gaining an understanding is. The way to understanding is to study and let God’s Word touch you. One of God’s names is THE WORD.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me in understanding Paul when he said, he delighted in the law of God in his heart. (Romans 7:22) This is so because, ( now listen carefully ) we are all born in Adam which means we are born in a ‘fallen state, we are natural rebels. God knows this and yet He still provides.

This is how David thought of God’s law: The law of God is perfect, reviving life. The testimony of Yahweh is firm, making wise the simple. The precepts of Yahweh are right, making the heart rejoice. The command of Yahweh is pure, enlightening the eyes (Psalm 19: 7-8)… How many modern-day people are we gonna hear speak in this way? And the important thing to remember as we think about God’s law is, how beautiful God’s grace is, how tender and long-suffering He is with us.

We tend to think of the ‘ 613 commands’ of the law as oppressive. I think we tend to view them negatively, and probably naturally so. God’s law can bring about feelings of guilt. It was not given to frustrate the Israelites, with the impossibility of pleasing God. The Torah deals with relationships to Yahweh, worship and access to sacred spaces. It dealt with the Israelite’s fellowship amongst each other, and outsiders. It also dealt with sex, business, and property. After all the nation had a covenant bond with God. Please understand this: The law was not a means of ‘meriting salvation.’ Israelites knew that ‘believing’ was at the heart of a right relationship with Yahweh. Again, God’s concern is about us believing in Him, not robotically obeying a list of do’s and don‘ts. God desires our love for Him. We should say a believing allegiance.

Finally, Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross fulfilled the law. Nothing needs to be added to it. We cannot add anything to his perfect sacrifice. Salvation is a gift, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you ‘who Jesus is.’ There is no salvation apart from the Holy Spirit drawing a person to God. He who was without sin became a sin because he loves us so much. Fill the hole that God placed in you with the love of Christ. You will find that nothing else you do will fill this hole. You might get temporary satisfaction elsewhere, but it will fade. Frankie The Earthman. Note: In me, you will find the reality of the Christian life. What I mean is the struggles, the highs and lows, the doubting, the extreme faith, and everything in between. The thing that is different about me from some others is, that I’m real and willing to share it. “I will save, I am being saved, I will be saved.” Inspired by a study in Michael Heizer’s, THE UNSEEN REALM.

Legs of a tree

Inspired by a study in Michael Heiser’s THE UNSEEN REALM.

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