I look at things going on in these United States and I just hang my head. “Come one come all, to our Southern border, bring your prostitution, your fentanyl, your child trafficking! We have a Congress, a Senate and a president, we have a Department of Justice and FBI and nobody seems to do anything, it’s all politics and b*******.

Defund police, favor the criminal over the victim, ignore inflation … The race and gender card for the dems is no longer working. We have Hillary Clinton still hanging on talking about elections being stolen, when she is one of the biggest criminals to ever work in Washington DC. Democrats could care less about real issues. Joe Biden is more concerned with indoctrinating young children with LGBTQ issues, while ignoring the failure and the decline in student test scores over the last two years.

Seems to me one of the biggest problems is we have is, laws on the books that are not being enforced. I am thoroughly convinced that Washington DC is the seat of Satanic power and a clean slate must take place in the mid term elections. Some of these idiots are now talking about having foreign entities to come in and monitor our elections. In my opinion that’s just another opportunity for people that can be ‘bought and paid for’, and it would be more corrupt than what we have now.

The corruption, deception, that is now taking place in our government, politics, and culture started a long time ago, but the spearheads of recent times is Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and a few others. These perverts and radicals have done everything that they can to bring this country down. Frankie The Earthman.

Walks are good, walks are necessary.

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