Whether we like it or not, whether we care or not, choosing sides has definite and eternal consequences. It’s very important to understand that we are choosing sides, choosing sides through politics and our world belief systems, whether we care to acknowledge this or not, (AGAIN) it’s very important to understand that we are choosing sides; choosing sides through politics and our world belief systems, whether we care to acknowledge this or not.

There are two foundational choices concerning this life. Choose God or choose Satan, “the two main players since the beginning of this earth age and back to the first age” ( ref: 2 Peter 3: 5 and on, speaking on the three Earth ages ), concerning good and evil, right and wrong, heaven and hell. Ultimately choose life or death.

Make a quick comparison between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and their administrations. This is a good place to understand more about what I’m saying. Donald Trump operated under the “spirit of life”, success and believing in America, and the world. Joe Biden is the complete opposite. Joe Biden is operating under the “spirit of death.” We have death at our Southern border, we have death through inflation, we have death in our economy, we have death through the crime in our cities, we have death through the trafficking of children and human beings in general. We have potential mass through the flooding of our country with fentanyl.

We have potential mass death through Joe Biden’s apathetic foreign policies. We have death through Joe Biden selling out to China, Russia, and Iran.

I wonder if people can see the signs of “These Times.”

Why does the media never speak of prophetic things to come? It is because they are too dangerous to talk about and too divisive. (or they are ignorant) Our culture demands ‘inclusion.’ The gospel and the teachings of the Bible are ‘exclusive.’ ( available to all but for believers) Our culture and society do not like exclusiveness. Our culture does not like accountability and accepting responsibility for our actions. The current ruling class system (the Demscrats) has pretty much sold the lie that common folk are better off under socialism, where we are all treated the same. We are all the same in our government-issued ‘Brown numbered uniforms.’ The ruling class does not want a middle class, because they cannot handle and control them.

We must look into the unseen realm, we must look into the spiritual realm. This is where everything is happening. The flesh is where the things happening in the spiritual world manifest. Why do we have people that want to do good why do we have so many people that are inclined to do evil? This is what is taking place in the spiritual realm. We have to wake up to what is going on in this world. We have to realize that we are spirits in a human body and we are going to live forever because we are “imagers” of God, who is an eternal spirit. Perhaps more later. Frankie The Earthman.

My beautiful Aja.

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