One of the reasons that Joe Biden cannot solve for X is because he will not acknowledge X. He will not acknowledge X Y or Z. He will not acknowledge inflation, the border crisis, crime running rampant, the fentanyl crisis, the crisis in our education system, the national security risk that he has permitted in dealing with China, Russia, Iran, and N. Korea.

And then Joey B, the “stick figure freak”, tapping into our oil/energy reserves, does not see a national security risk that this presents. It’s really hard not to be a conspiracy theorist, as we watch Joe Biden work to destroy this country. Everything that he does is to destroy this country. And now the walking talking lying freak show says that he wants to give us some “breathing room”. Let’s translate what Joe means by giving us “some breathing room with gas and food prices.” What Joe means by this is that he wants to pull our heads up for a “quick breath of air” before he pushes our heads under the water again.

The midterm elections cannot arrive soon enough. Let’s see how Joey Biden does when he becomes a lame-duck president. I would like to see him stripped down naked, shoved into a dirty corner in a dark room, and watch him suck his thumb, crying “Come on man, I want my mommy.” And please, don’t anyone feel sorry for this walking, talking, lying freak show.

The wonders of the Appalachian Trail, Skyline, Va, area.

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