As I answered the telemarketing call, I felt, talked like, and identified as Forrest Gump. The caller asked, “Is Coy there?” I replied, ” Hi, I don’t recognize that name. The caller then asked, ” So are you telling me Coy isn’t there? I replied, ” I didn’t say that, what’s the matter don’t you wanna talk to me? Continuing I said, “Do you not want to talk to me because I sound stupid?” … “Can I tell you a story as to why I sound stupid?” I heard silence for a few seconds, then “Yes, go ahead.” I said, “My mama told me after I got old enough to understand, which was about the age of 37, that my older brother was jealous of me and was afraid that I would end up being smarter than him. So every day my brother would take me to the basement and hit me in the head with a hammer, but only one time each day. My brother did this to me every day for about three years. So in school and in the neighborhood I became known as an idiot. I am an idiot. So mama told me not to worry so much because the world was filled with idiots just like me.”

I then asked the telemarketer if she liked my story. I said “if we could get together, I would be her friend and that I would be her really good friend, if she would bring a case of Dr. Pepper,” then for some reason, she hung up on me. As of yet, I have not heard from her again. I guess my mama was right she said, “Sometimes, you just have to give people a dose of your best stupid.”. “I miss mama.” This is based on a true story, that happened just today, Frankie The Earthman.

Looks like either an elephants’ knee or a gold nugget stuck in a trees’ bunghole. Mama always said I was pretty observant. Bye now, Forest Gump.

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