Dems and their guidance from The Spirit of Lawlessness, chaos, confusion, always crying out: ABORTION, ABORTION, ABORTION — LGBTQ+ABCDEFG ... it never ends.

Attention Dems: The average American has come to know yous’ as “vampire like”… leeches, parasites, blood suckers, always lurching right out in the open looking for your next victims.

Attention Dems: Americans just want to live their lives. We don’t want to be stressed out going to the grocery store, the gas station, paying for heating oil, and electricity, taking a walk in our neighborhood, stressed about our children going to school… will they be safe, what are they being taught? You know, THE STUFF OF LIFE.

Conservative Americans want free speech. We want to civilly agree to disagree over the issues of life. Those of us that want to live the Christian life, should not be condemned and treated like second-class citizens for doing so. The fact of the matter is that most Christians know what’s going on in this world, and this is why they conflict with the world. Because the world is manipulated and deceived by the spirit of death. A real in touch Christian will not jam their belief system down anyone’s throat. Believers that are level headed do not hate anyone. The real Christian realizes that he has been saved by the grace of God. The real Christian realizes that he is no better than anyone else. Having said this, Christians don’t appreciate 2% of the population namely the LGBTQ community, the abortion rights radicals, claiming letter alternative lifestyles are favored by most Americans. This simply is not true.

Wake up! How much more Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, the Clintons, Kamala ( clueless) Harris, and the rest of the “destroyers” can we take in this country? Frankie The Earthman.

Let freedom ring!

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