IS IT ME or are there obvious parallels between Satan and our current administration under Joe Biden and company?

Satan, as the story goes, wanted to ascend to a position higher than God. Satan hated God’s creation of man on Earth. He hated/hates them because they were/are made in God’s image.

If you study you will find that Satan led a rebellion against God and managed to pull 1/3 of of the spiritual entities at that time to his side. Satan was willing to destroy all of God’s creation for power.

Seems to me that Joe Biden ( he learned from Barack Obama) has done everything within his power to destroy America. To me the parallels between Joe Biden’s destructive intentions and Satan are obvious. Generally speaking, the democrats are willing to sacrifice this country and the world if need be to hold on to their power and elitist status. Think about it. Frankie The Earthman.

Holy Spirit intervene and save us from ourselves.

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