Let’s start at the high point, human beings are made in God’s image, therefore we are His imagers. But something went wrong in the garden of Eden and and we find ourselves on a detour. The detour is this age we are living in. The test is this flesh blood and bone existence. The prize is eternal life ( for overcomers). Therefore we are who we follow, love, and idolize. Most of us are full of vain.

If you believe in God, you love *Jesus (* THE LIFE GIVER ) and you try to follow Him. If you believe in other than “The Judeo Christian God, YHWH, ( Who left us a history, and a manual on how to live and achieve eternal life; in the gift of God’s written Word the Bible ) ; then it seems to me you must ask yourself what does this god you believe in promise you? Did your god die on the cross for you so that you didn’t have to suffer the consequences of being damned in a fallen state? Although you and I are in a predicament because we are “positionally” in Adam-and-Eve, who fell from grace and therefore are as guilty as ‘they’ were/are; you might feel as though you have done nothing wrong. That’s an incorrect self justification. When God blew the “breath of lives into Adam and Eve”, the life that He blew into them was for every person that would ever live. This is why we can say we are “positionally” in them even though we didn’t ourselves commit Sin.

If you care to understand what’s going on in this world, you must know certain things. Human beings are caught up in an ancient struggle between God and Satan. Do you ever wonder why there is so much evil in the world. Do you ever wonder why there is so much violence, deception, death, and destruction? Do you have any idea that God has nothing to do with this? ( other than correcting it ) Satan was God’s most perfect created entity. God says he was made after a ‘perfect pattern’ and he once guarded the throne of God. But pride was found in him and he wanted to ascend above and be higher than God. God would have nothing to do with this and kicked him out of heaven, earth is his home. Satan was on earth waiting for Adam and Eve in the form of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This story about Adam-and-Eve eating an apple is a complete deception. I would challenge anyone to check the Bible and show me where Adam-and-Eve ate an *apple. ( man’s misinterpretation) Anyway, the story is about Adam-and-Eve eating from the forbidden fruit, which is the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” which opened their eyes to something that God knew they were not ready for.

So if you want to discard God, He will certainly allow you to do so. If you want to worship Satan, who is a defeated foe and on borrowed time, God will allow you to do so and not intervene or interfere in your life. You however will have to pay the consequences whether you believe it, like it, or not. God does not want you to remain in unbelieve and is grieved by your unbelief, but He will have no problem saying to you “Depart from me I never knew you.” And there you are “lost forever” and separated from God with no way back. If inspired, I will speak more on this later. You will find that what I have said will either help or hinder you. Frankie The Earthman.

Run to God’s light.
Trees have legs. Be strong like a tree.

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