My spirit is broken.

THE END – BY THE DOORS. I always knew this song was me.

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end, I’ll never look into your eyes again. Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free, desperately in need of some stranger’s hand, in this desperate land.” Jim Morrison and THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION.

Mere mortals cannot save mortals. Politicians cannot save us. We cannot save ourselves, we are totally lost. I am lost.

I have learned that God cannot use me. I cannot be trusted. “It’s all over for this unknown soldier.” I also learned that I could not rise and attain to this “Walking In The Spirit.” My expertise is chasing after the flesh.

Big Tech, Social Media, Most News Networks, Our current ” Joe Biden led, One Party Democrat, Marxist, Communist, Jihadist Government has sold America “OUT ” to the Chinese, Russia, N.Korea, & IRAN.

I spent most of my adult life writing. I am lost in a sea of mediocrity. Apparently, I’m too conservative and too radical. I will not defend myself anymore.

I can’t communicate with my immediate family. I can’t reach my aloof daughter. My friends are few and distant, reluctant, and I don’t blame them for distancing themselves from me. I don’t even like myself. I am in a self-created prison, on a lost island.

It’s all over for this unknown soldier. Frankie The Earthman.

I will stay in my lane from here until THE END.

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