I had been seeing my doctor for several years. On my latest visit, just days ago, he freaked me out. when talking about the medications that I was on for blood pressure and other things, he used some unfamiliar terminology. He spoke candidly as he said, “I’m going to fix you.” I thought to myself, ‘well it’s about time.’ Then as we continued with my examination, I became freaked out. I started thinking about his saying he was going to “fix me.” My blood pressure sky rocketed, and before I passed out, I thought I heard him say as part of fixing me he was “going to stick a cork in my ass.”

As the nurses in the doctor’s office revived me after a minute or so, my doctor asked me why I was so petrified. I said, well doctor, you said you were going to “stick a cork in my ass and fix me.” To me, that meant you were going to cut my balls off, and I couldn’t quite figure out why corking my ass up would help. We cleared everything up before I left his office. Frankie The Earthman.

I guess if “they” can use a cork to fix the tree they can stick one up my ass to help fix me.

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