I believe what we are seeing in these midterm elections is a result of the indoctrination of our youth, that has been taking place over the last many years.

I believe we have to ask ourselves with all of the economy/ inflation/ crime/ border related problems we face in America due to the Biden administration, Why would so many people vote on just one issue, that issue being abortion?

Many have made abortion the number one issue because the Biden administration has done a good job of selling the lie that ‘democracy’ was and is on the line if they should vote Republican. This is from indoctrination that has been taking place from elementary to University levels of our schools.

It seems at least 50% of women in this country are not happy if they can’t have abortions. I believe they have a total misunderstanding of the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade. Abortion was not eliminated, it was delegated to the States to decide. Both sides of this issue must come together and come up with something reasonable. The extreme left wants to murder babies up to and even after the time of birth. The extreme right is more restrictive and says basically ‘no abortions at all. There need to be exceptions like rape, incest, and others. I’m not saying these extenuating circumstances would make an abortion justifiable. Yet there seem to be circumstances that need to be taken into account. Unfortunately, not all women make life-and-death decisions from a moral perspective. Frankie The Earthman.

Let us walk

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