What are the realms, the realities in which you live? ( more later in this post)

Let’s look at Abraham’s descendants, “Yahweh and His portion.” To initiate a covenant relationship, God chose to appear to Abraham in a visible human form. The covenant relationship was continued with Isaac and Jacob. God chose to deliver Israel from Egypt.

Israel existed through God’s supernatural intervention in the birth of Isaac. Yahweh wanted a people on earth to carry out His plan by His power. ( Remember, God disinherited the nations at Babel, Israel was His portion.)

The “lesser elohim” ( Read Psalm 82, ESV ) God had put in charge over Egypt could not prevent His will. God’s goal of making the earth a new Eden will not be overturned.

Prior to God intervening in Israel’s exodus from Egypt, the descendants of Jacob knew Yahweh only by oral storytelling and reputation. Then they found themselves standing at God’s mountain ready to begin a new journey, where they received the law. This was only the beginning as they journeyed to the land God had planned for them.

God was teaching Israel what it meant to be His portion. He was teaching them to be separate from the gods and the nations who stood ready to oppose them. This brings us to the concept of “Realm Distinction” and how it is fundamental to the supernatural worldview of ancient Israel continuing up until today and in the future.

America needs to look back at her foundation. What realm does America want to live in? Does America want to live in the realm of thinking she is above the hand and judgment of God? Our country has fallen away from our original true love, our dedication to God. We are following the same cycle that Israel has been in since the beginning : The cycle of drawing close to God through repentance revival and healing and then falling away once we get all of our needs met. America became a superpower but has forgotten God. I sincerely believe we are currently in a period of judgment. How far these judgments will go depends on our attitude towards God. Politicians and the American government are not gonna be able to return this nation to God. Sometimes God does things and acts, just to protect His Holy name. America is currently at the crossroads, let’s see how it will go. We need to decide collectively and individually which realm we want to live in; this current realm of deception, death, and destruction through ungodliness, or get back to the spirit of life which comes only from God.

This post was inspired by themes in Michael Heiser’s book, THE UNSEEN REALM. Development of his content and my experience are added. Frankie The Earthman.

What a beauty, pictured is Princess Aja.

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