We don’t necessarily have to worry about the threat from China. We don’t have to worry about Iran, North Korea or Russia. We have the Biden administration doing a pretty damn good job of destroying America. If people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Biden’s, and many in the Congress and Senate had their way, we would already handcuffed the leadership of a despot.

So we need not look across the oceans, we need to look to our own ignorant selfish hearts, and the hearts of those in the Congress, Senate, and the White House to find the greed, deception, and corruption that will surely bring us down if not changed.

Our election system is still corrupt and failing. Just look at Arizona, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the mess. How anybody with 1/10 of a brain could vote for somebody like John Fetterman is beyond my mortal comprehension.

Who gives a damn about climate change, who are we saving the climate for? … America is spiritually on her death bed. I don’t know why I bother writing. Frankie The Earthman.

Symbolic of Biden’s ruin of America, but by God, we better save the planet, what, and who for?

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