A LOOK BACK, Part One.

America did away with the safeguards of God’s Word and law. Study the ancient history of Israel for more information. Over time since the sixties, America removed God from our society and opened the door for other gods to come in.

The ten commandments were removed from public view. One of the commandments is against worshiping other gods, having removed the laws, the door was open to our decline. The commandment concerning sexual immorality had been removed. America opened its doors and could indulge in all the commandments had warned against.

Now America was not observing any absolute standards, little did we know the ‘fall’ that would result. The bridge had been destroyed, and we plunged into the dominion of the lesser gods. God’s word and prayer was no longer a concern of the media and culture, the ways of God were no longer proclaimed in the public square.

The influence of Baal Was covering America like a blanket. Part two coming soon. Frankie The Earthman.

“Lean on me when you’re not strong, I’ll help you carry on. Someday I might need someone to lean on.”

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