THE DOORS SLOWLY OPENED IN AMERICA, WELCOMING lesser gods…namely Baal. Please read Parts one and two prior to this post, part three. We need to take small biyes of this subject matter.

Through America’s turning away from God, our hedge of godly protection has slowly eroded. Scriptures supporting moral and ethical conduct have been kicked to the curb. Monotheism and God’s word were and are no longer honored. Doors that were closed to lesser gods were now reopened.

Baal had always battled against other gods, Study Canaanite mythology for more information and insight. Baal conflicted with the God of Israel and His people. These wars involve, morality, spirituality, politics, and culture.

So in twentieth century America, the return of Baal would bring about a cultural, civilizational, and spiritual collision. It would at times be described as a “culture war”, but it was much deeper than culture. The conflict was ultimately spiritual, that of Baal against God — the rematch of an ancient battle. Ref: J. Cahn & THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PG. 47. Frankie The Earthman.

Nature’s gift of texture, Appalachian trail near skyline Virginia.

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