So, please read parts one, two, and three before reading this post, part four.

What we have experienced and are experiencing is the progressive closing of America to its openness to God. America wanted to experience ‘new ideas and new ways.’ As we look back our acceptance of the “new morality” was just another step in the rejection of God. The worshipping and our relationship to God Which was our source of joy, happiness, virtue, and freedom; was now viewed as a hindrance, a restraint and oppression. Over the cliff we went as a nation.

Looking back, the Jews had cast out Baal from their world. Upon the arrival of ‘the gospel’, the same thing happened in Western civilization. Baal was working overtime to cast God out of America. As had been done to the ‘gods’ in ancient times, the same would be done in America in the West, in casting ‘God’ out.

This casting God out of America has continued into the twenty-first century. God has been driven out of government, out of the public square, movie theaters, television sets, out of the arts, out of ethics, out of hearts, out of minds, and out of lives. Ref: J. Cahn, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PGS 47- 48.

For example, let’s look at our current government situation. Our government is now so corrupt that no one can be trusted. For instance look at ‘the January 6th committee’ against Donald Trump. Now that the republicans have gained power in the Congress, there is no more January 6th committee. So what do the democrats do ? through Attorney General Garland, they set up a new council to investigate Donald Trump, yet again. I was telling my neighbor just the other day that my concern, was that “We The People” will continue to be lost in the charade that is our government. I also commented to him that the only thing we could look forward to, is the continued darkness of the human heart ; the greed, corruption, vanity, etc. We in America are as rotten as Rome was, and will more than likely have the same end if we don’t change. Comments by Frankie The Earthman.

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!

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