Let’s be like lawyers with hearts, spiritual, open hearts. Let’s look at the evidence.

THE SUPPOSITION: God’s Word is true. God left His creation with a ‘Handbook’, it is called the Bible. Concerning God’s Word in His Bible, let’s believe that it is inerrant, infallible. Let’s also believe that man’s inability to rise to the “super truths” of God’s Word, are mainly because of man’s unbelief and being in a ‘fallen state.’ Believing in this fallen state requires understanding what took place in the Garden of Eden, which will not be addressed at this time. Also have we considered that there is no other Handbook for a belief system that approaches the detail and the supernatural gifts that are found in The Bible? The closest thing I can offer to proof of God is to study the “Messianic Prophecies, ie: How were events prophesied down to every detail in the Old Testament and fulfilled some multitude of years later in the New Testament?

THE SITUATION: I should say “mankind’s situation”. But first, in my 68 years on this planet, I don’t think I’ve heard a “most excellent description” of why we humans are ‘here’ in this flesh, blood, and bone-short life, that is full of trouble, deception, destruction, and death. Also, [ As beautiful as earth can be] & ( Don’t you find it a little odd that we are basically on a rock “spinning in the middle of nowhere through outer space?) the earth seems to be very unique in its ability to sustain life as we know it. So mankind, each person, finds him / her self living a life, an existence that he/she apparently had no say in … arriving on planet earth. Looking back, little did we know on our first day in elementary school, what would be coming at us.

THE SITUATION FURTHERED: If we believe that God’s Word is true, then we would have learned that death was not a part of God’s original plan. Let’s be clear, there is no death in God although He allows it. The one true God is a God of life and can have absolutely nothing to do with death. Humanity is cursed by God since Satan deceived us (and we fell for the deception) in the garden of Eden. This is a whole separate study that we will not address at this time. What also would come to man through the wisdom of God and learning about Him, is that to believers, He, THE HOLY SPIRIT is a warm comforting blanket, to unbelievers HE is a consuming fire. Read the Old Testament.

A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING: If we spend time in the Word of God we learn many things. One of the main things is that God will let you live your life, and will not necessarily interrupt you if you don’t want to find out about Him. ( Also understand if you are chosen, God will intervene in your life for His purposes, STUDY PAUL OF TAURSUS). God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are gentlemen. ( So to speak )

FURTHER UNDERSTANDING: More important things to understand, concern “the powers of God” which seem to be unknowable, and unbelievable, as we are existing in this low state. Having read The Bible in its entirety and studied deeply, we can learn of the supernatural powers of God. We also learn that there are angels, archangels, and super entities that are far stronger and superior to man. We learn that through following God’s plan we can have eternal life. We can escape the curse of death, because it has been defeated but we have to claim it. We learn it’s really all about accepting a provided free gift.

ABOUT JESUS: Know that Jesus Christ “willingly” gave His life for all of us. He didn’t have to, He chose to out of love for us. He didn’t have to go to the cross, yet He did. ( He could have summoned angels to help Him) In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked His Father if there was “any there other way” to provide for the salvation of mankind. There was not and Jesus fulfilled His mission. Perhaps more later, written in it’s entirety by Frankie The Earthman.

A shot from outer space, or a stump?

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