Could there be a more fulfilling accomplishment? … Is there a more pure desire than to want the perfect love of God, our creator. What sweeter words could could fall from the lips of a child wanting to rest in the safety, promise, and comfort of his Father, creator? What could be grander than to be whisked into outer space by Jesus, God’s firstfruit of the power of the resurrected life; and behold the universe from HIS perspective, “The One” that spoke everything into existence? What could bring more peace and purpose to life, than ‘the calm’ that would come from knowing the curse on mankind is over, and you/we have achieved the promise of life eternal? No more tears, loss of life, deception, destruction, as we come into the full revelation of God’s original intentions and plan for the gift of life that He has freely given? Tell me please, what is greater than these things? … Written this pre -Thanksgiving day, as the Spirit of God falls on my head like warm oil and covers me in thankfulness. Frankie The Earthman. Happy Thanksgiving all, especially to Mizuho, Lauren, Ari’el and Princess Aja, all true gifts from God.

The creator and His creation, we must wake up to the glory of God.

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