Fabricating truth is deceptive and dangerous. The spirit of Baal that has fallen upon America works towards the altering of perception. Reference: J. Cahn, THE RETURN OF THE GODS. Let’s study.

In worshipping the “One true God” there is an ultimate and objective reality, a unifier, a standard by which all can be discerned, understood, measured and judged. God is truth. Where there is more than one God, the door is opened to many truths and conflicting truths, which leads to no truth.

By making our own idols we are fabricating our own gods, our own reality, our own truth. When creating truth, truth becomes a fabrication and ceases to be truth. In holding on to one’s own truth, truth ceases to be. 2 + 2 = 4, it can never equal 5. A signature sign that Baal has subverted a culture is that culture will turn from objectivity to subjectivity.

So as Western civilization and America turned away from God, they began undergoing a process of ‘subjectification’. Both have moved away from the concept of truth itself, and if there ever was truth to begin with. THIS SUBJECTIFICATION

changed our language. Truth has become what is true for the individual. Absolute, ultimate, or any truth was / is dying. Sad to say, we have regressed to the fact that if one’s personal truth contradicts reality, then reality needs to be bent into conformity.

Sorry to report that this is where we are in today’s culture and society. Lawlessness is on the rampage. The world is moving ever closer to a platform to welcome the Anti-Christ and the Tribulation Period. Don’t shoot me, I’m only playing the piano. Comments by Frankie The Earthman.


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