So, you think you know the Bible? I’d imagine unless you are an avid seeker, the answer is not likely. I don’t say this in a judgmental manner. I think I know the mindset of our current culture, and most of our attention spans are about 15 seconds. If we don’t see what we want, we keep scrolling down the phone. I say, throw your phone away ( figuratively speaking.)

I highly recommend that if you really want to learn anything, I can take you on a nice little journey. Please don’t take the easy way out and Google for your answers, ( if you don’t know the answers) I will not give the answers in this post but in the following post. This will hold true for however many parts of this I decide to make. I will start out easy and then really test you.

Question#1– When was Jesus born? A-December 25th B-April 5th, 5 or 6 BC C- Mid to late Sept, 5 or 6 BC D- July 4th, 5 to 6 BC, ( Jesus likes showy fireworks)

Question #2– What Nationality was Jesus? A-Egyptian (He loved pyramids) B-Alien (He loved flying saucers) C- Palestenian D- Irishman, (Jesus loved to play bagpipes) E- Navaho Indian F- White and Latino mix G- Jewish

Question #3– Is the word of God inerrant and infallible?, ( mistake free?) A- No way B- It’s like Greek Mythology C- Myths and fairy tales, (not to be taken literally.) D- Yes, it’s God breathed and Holy.

Question #4– How many books of The Bible are there? A- 47 B- 660 C- 66 D- 17 O.T. & 26 N.T.

Question #5– Who wrote The Bible? A- Moses B- Jesus C- Edgar Allan Poe D -Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer E- The Bible is God directed and inspired, written through the pens of chosen men.

QUESTION #6–What did it mean when God, through Moses, insructed Aaron to put blood on his son’s right earlobe, right thumb, and right toe? A- Because God likes the smell of blood on his people B- Is God likes rituals. C- This was an act of consecreation. God wanted Aaron’s sons to be quick to hear and act upon the instructions and word of God. The acting involved using the hands and the feet to move quickly and respond. This post designed and delivered in its entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

The mighty Apalachian Trail, Skyline, Va.

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