Dear Lord, deliver us from ourselves. The spirit of lawlessness that has been prophesied for so many years is heavily upon us. It is accelerating. We now have a president who visits a border state ( Arizona) yet claims that he has “More important things to do” than visit our death camp Southern border.

We have the release of one Miss Griner, basketball star ( who, by the way, hates America). Miss Griner was released in exchange for a known Merchant of Death being held prisoner in America. No politics involved in this deal, riiiiiggghhhtt.

We have Barack Obama on the campaign trail who addresses none of the main issues. He spews out his foolishness and rhetoric. The once again duped crowd claps and clamors over this sorry excuse for a human being, then proceeds to elect Warnock, the Warlock. We have an America that is heavily influenced by the stars, creeps and cruds, of Hollywood.

It is recently reported that 20% of American Christians do not have a Christian worldview. Well, I have to ask you, what is the point? In large part, the church has lost its guts and effectiveness. The churches have been inviting Satan and all of his cohorts, and placing them in the front rows of our pews who

(manifest in so many different ways), from political correctness to the agenda of the LGBTQ community, that it is utterly sickening and appalling. D.U.F.O. Frankie The Earthman.

We ain’t that smart.

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