The human race is strong yet FRAGILE.

Consider this: Most recently, the controlling mechanism of humanity was Covid – 19. More recently, the mechanism is multifaceted. One main feature is the sell out of America to the CCP by the Biden crime family.

The Biden administration has destroyed our energy independence, our border security is a national security risk ( not limited to but anchored by the massive influx of femtanyl.)

But, let’s change gears: Americans in particular are being designed to BE FRAGILE. The ruining of our military through the desires of the LGBTQ community and those promoting their agenda. The indoctrination of our kids in schools. The destruction in our media, , government of everything concerning the founding of this country. Freedom of speech has been destroyed and controlled by Big Tech through Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the like. We are taught to be politically correct in everything we say and do, Please be sure not to offend anyone. Critical race theory is destroying us. Rampant crime across our nation is destroying us. The push by the Democrat party ( to align and ready) America for one world government is destroying us.

The Democrat version of climate control is a big lie and is killing us. We should be using more fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the most dependable and available source of fuel on the earth, for humanity to prosper.

The government media and social platforms have pitted us against each other and now we are all so fragile. We are all made of glass, most of us anyway, 50% of us anyway … perhaps more later, Frankie The Earthman.

Jesus, first came as a Lamb, his second coming will be as a Lion most people have no idea what is coming.

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