Opening: If you voted for the “snake charmer” Barack Obama and his offspring, Joe Biden, I feel extremely sorry for you. I would say that you have been duped twice and are still being duped as both of these moronic devils are still loved. How easily will you be duped by the coming Anti-Christ? In case you don’t know about the coming Anti-Christ, he is gonna be a snake charming lovable creature of the highest angelic order, an angel of light, a supreme deceiver, but ‘boy howdy’, how the multitudes and those of little discernment will fall for him.) Should any of you happen to care about prophetic events soon to come, the rapture is next on the prophetic calendar. This will be followed by the 7 year tribulation and the appearance of the Antichrist who will make peace for 3 and a 1/2 years and then we’ll be exposed for the destroyer that he is and all hell will breakloose in a worldwide war. Then for those of you who care to know, Christ will intervene and save us from ourselves. Long story short, this intervention by God will be followed by the 1000-year reign of Christ from the New Holy City, Jerusalem,which will fall from the sky in beauty and majesty. Frankie The Earthman.

More pics, ice storm, Appalachian Trail, Va.

Just watching everything unfold, this is how I believe the average radical Democrat thinks and rationalizes. “I like Oprah Winfrey, so that would make her a great president.” “I like Michael Michelle Obama, so that would make her a great president.” ( No, this would make Barack Barry Obama Sotero president again.)

Another sez: I like Gavin Newsome, he would be a great president.” ( NO, this would make Nancy Pelosi president)

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