Here’s the deal friends: WARNING, AMERICA IS BEING INVADED. JOE Biden’s ( puppet for the deep state) ultimate plan ( through his corrupt criminal handling of our southern borders) is to guide America towards a permanent “one party system.”

Here are just a few of the statistics and numbers at the southern border. The drug cartels are making more than 300 million dollars a week through smuggling humans and drugs. It was recently reported that some 97 million dollars was made in a 48-hour period by the drug cartels. Once Title 42 ends, it is is underestimated that some 6 million illegal immigrants will have crossed our southern borders under the Biden “deep state manipulation.

Joe Biden and the democrats are counting on these illegal immigrants to give them a permanent one party control of this country. My personal belief is this backire. Where are all these people going to live and work? How much further burden will be placed upon the American people? All done by Joe Biden, who goes his merry way, eating his ice cream cones. I won’t mention the two hundred million slated for China to make lithium batteries. Creepy Joe is in complete sell-out mode of America. Half of America needs to get off their phones and being corrupted by most all of the media, i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and many more. To make a long story short, Joe Biden & company are polluted and deluded to the gills. Frankie The Earthman.

Joe Biden has ice in his veins and hates America. If anyone can’t see this, you better go have your brain checked.

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