At a recent family reunion of sorts ( it was really a “reconciliation get together”) between myself, my wife, fourteen year old son and my brother, and his family.

I “fell out” with them over some issues and differences that I will not get into right now. We remained separated ( mainly because of my stubborness and health problems.)

During the reuniting and the ( “hi, how have you been, great to see you formalities”, I came to a certain person that I used to joke around with a lot and I could not resist testing him, so, I leaned into him and whispered, as I motioned for him to draw closer to me and I said the following: ‘B’ ( we’ll call him ‘B‘) “I don’t want you to be afraid about being abducted by aliens.I myself was abducted about 7 years ago. ( I sensed he was terrified about something, as he knew my powers of discernment about people.) Continuing, I said, “ I don’t know what happened to you, but for me, they took one of my gonads; ( to use for alien/ human hybrid experimentaion, X file suff ) My remaining gonad is trembling, stuck up inside of me, and afraid to fall, as it is terrified of the aliens taking it also.”

This gonad “in hiding, stuck up inside of me, and the size of a healthy avocado” has changed the ‘gait’ of my walking, as I now walk like a cowboy with a broomstick up my hiney.” B teared up, as he looked like a deer “caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.” He whispered to me, “Can we talk later outside? Nobody knows about my abduction, but you and me.” I replied,”Of course.”

I gave him the Spock “live long and prosper”, “hand signal” as he smiled. The reconciliation get-together was off to a good start. Written by Frankie The Earthman, as a tribute to the great style of Samuel Clemens, alias, Mark Twain.

Appalachian trail, near skyline Virginia.

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