1 Kings 19: 11-13. Know this: God is not in the thunder and lightning, God is not in the earthquake, God is not in the howling wind. Yet, understand that God has a perfect will and can manifest in all of the above mentioned.

So, where is God? You have to go to what might seem the most unlikely of places to find Him. You have to go deep within to hear His still small voice. Some have described it as a “gentle whisper.” How do we calm ourselves down to the point of hearing God’s beautiful gentle whisper? How do we do this in our crazy upside down, me, me, me, culture, and society?

It is a difficult task to accomplish as most of us are so hell-bent on finding success and fame. Especially this young TikTok social media generation. Just thought I would throw out a few things to think about. Frankie The Earthman.

Be still, and stop acting like a wild boar.

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