IT’S NOT JUST THE OBVIOUS BLATANT TREASON of Joe Biden and his evil empire. It’s the arrogant nonchalance that Joe displays as he goes about his destruction. He carries on as if his presidency is an ongoing vacation at the circus ( ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, and interviews with Drew Barrymore over his falling in love with Jill and whether or not he believes in love at first sight. Meanwhile, Americans fight to survive the economic decline.

Then we look at China’s scheme to take over the world. The leader of China wants to take over the world while he slowly kills his own population through lockdowns and the rise of over 50% of the Chinese population coming down with covid, is this the kind of government that we want in America?

What about our Congress and Senate? What about all of our elected officials. Will there ever be a return to “WE THE PEOPLE” BEING REPRESENTED?

Then, down at our southern border, we have an ongoing active death camp. Let’s see, what do we have, we have tons of fentanyl and amphetamines, not to mention the human trafficking pouring over our border daily, and it seems it’s gonna get worse with the end of Title 42. The cartels are running the borders to the tune of more than 300 million dollars a week. So, the question has to be: How much dinero is the Biden crime family receiving from Joe’s negligence? Hmmm, it must be nice to have the power to sacrifice a whole country and get rich for yourself as you do it. Some 50% of America voted for this ass clown. It’s unbelievable what has happened and is happening in this country. This whole recent manifestation and plan to destroy America started with the ‘devils’, Barack, and Michael Obama. These two make me sick to my stomach. They are the epitome of elitist entitlement. Why is it overlooked that Barack Obama is a card carrying Muslim radical? Off the slippery slope, America continues to go. Oh, to all of you Trump hating neurotics, SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU BUNCH OF WHINING CONFLICTED MORONS. Here’s some truth for Joe Biden, when he took office, all he really had to do was leave everything alone and do nothing, Trump had him set up for success, but he couldn’t keep his filthy criminal Trump hating hands off of anything. CREEPY JOE, I’LL BE GLAD TO SEE YOU GO. Frankie The Earthman.

Cohen was pretty smart.

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