Two doctors are discussing the science of Covid 19 and how to deal with it. One topic is lockdowns and their effects, especially on young children. The point of freedom of speech is that the doctors can disagree about the science; but each doctor is entitled to voice his/ her opinion without being dismembered, murdered, harassed, negated, or canceled. ( By the way, recently, Covid 19 statistics in China reveal that 50% of the population now has covid, and they are super big on lockdowns)

It is evident that Twitter, Facebook, and most of the social platforms abused our freedom of speech rights. They heavily influenced Covid information being put out and the 2020 elections, among other issues.

This is so simple to understand, but there are dark, socialistic, communistic forces at work in America. Our own government is heavily involved in the desired downfall of America as we know it. Frankie The Earthman.

Clear your head on the Appalachian Trail near Skyline, Va.

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