Setting: Do you ever wonder what has happened in America over the last, say, 50 years?

Reference: J.Cahn. THE RETURN OF THE GODS. CHAPTER 13 – THE DEEP MAGIC. PGS. 54-56. This effort will probably consist of two to three posts.

Some of this post will be direct quotes from the above referenced, some of it will be paraphrased, and include my opinions and experience. I am bothering to write this post because I believe it is critically important. You, the reader, will definitely know what has happened in America and why we have all of the turmoil.

First Topic: GOD’S, ISMS, and AURAS. IF A NATION changes its God, the nation itself will be changed. America has turned from God to the spirit of Baal, a transformation still taking place. The paganization of America and Western civilization began years ago with this ancient god. It is happening on a multitude of levels. Some are overt and brazen, others not as obvious but deeper, and more profound. In the following words, you will find the deeper consequences of America’s paganization.

Remember when Israel turned from God, she became filled with idols. This was not an accident. Any nation that turns from God will always turn to other gods. The names of the idols do not ever need to be spoken. Even if it takes the form of atheism or secularism, it will always lead to worship and serving other gods. This dynamic can be found in Communism, Naziism, Fascism and any other ism that seeks to drive out God. Other things can take on the aura and authority of godhood and seek to reign in His place.

Even in the modern world, when God is removed, the need to worship Him remains, and if that need is diverted from Him, it will go elsewhere. Should a nation turn away from Deity, then all things become subject to deification. We can say, if nothing is God, then anything and everything is God. Look at our culture in America and around the world. The spirit of lawlessness is loose and devouring anything absolute or wholesome. Christians are hated, white people are despised. On a personal note, I believe that Joe Biden wishes to replace the middle class and all the white people ( with brown skinned folk). He realizes that he can’t control a white middle class. I find it weird that a lot of states in America are paying upwards of $100.000 ( in total benefits) a year, for people not to work. Don’t be fooled, friends. This is our government’s effort to become your God. So it was that Israel turned to Baal. It turned to the many Baals. America is headlong down the same path.

Second Topic: Deification. As America turned from God, it began deifying the objects of its culture. America’s worship, passion, and energy that once was dominant in the now directed to that which was not God. That which was not God had become empowered and enchanted. Once God was expelled, the substitutes that always existed came to life. With the absence of God, everything was and is being deified. One’s God is one’s ultimate reality. Therefore, it can not be questioned. So in America, we saw the rising of new movements, causes, ideologies, and systems of thought that could not be challenged or questioned no matter how irrational they were since they were now gods. Rather, one had to bow down before them, whether of political correctness or wokeness or a multitude of others. As faith was removed from God, it was given to other things. ( Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the radical Democrat party that desires to be the only ruling party in America.) Joe thinks he’s God.

The worship of Baal was one of carnality and vulgarity. As America turned from God to Baal, the process of vulgarization had begun. Our government is now as vulgar as it can be. Our high-tech companies and social platforms are full of vulgarity. Our schools are full of vulgarity. Hollywood is full of vulgarity. Our streets are full of vulgarity and crime. What is happening at our Southern borders is beyond vulgarity. Our government is giving money to foreign countries to secure their borders, yet nothing is done with America’s Southern border, all at the American taxpayers’ expense and demise, meanwhile Joe Biden and his crime family vacation in the Caribbean islands. Please stay with me on this. It is going to intensify and become more clear as we study. Frankie The Earthman.

Peace, on the Appalachian trail, near Skyline Virginia.

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