We humans ( to better understand our purpose on this earth, and what is actually taking place all around us) should reflect on events that occurred at the beginning of this current earth age in the garden of Eden, according to The book of Genesis.

According to scripture, there was a war in heaven prior to the beginning of this second earth age we are in, yet it is rapidly concluding. Without out going deeply into it, Satan led a rebellion because he was jealous that God had made man in His image. ( Remember Satan was made after “the perfect pattern” and was glorious, as he once guarded the very throne of God); however, pride was found in him, and he did not want God to have an earthly “council” made of flesh creatures on earth. ( Study Psalm 82, ESV ). God’s original intent was to make all of the earth, Eden like, with mankind being his earthly council.

So when Adam and Eve arrived on earth, Satan was ready to destroy them. Remember, Satan hates God and his creation, the earth, and mankind.

Fast forward, have you considered why we live in a fallen world with all of its trouble? Have you given any thought as to why we live on this death planet made by a God who has nothing to do with death but allows it? Why all the death and destruction? Why all the loss and tears and heartaches and everything that goes with living on this death planet? It’s all because of the jealous hate filled Satan, who desires to destroy earth and mankind. Look at earth‘s history of both world and lesser wars. It never stops. The big one is yet to come. It’s called the ” Tribulation” and will be the platform for Satan to make his final appearance in the near total destruction of earth. But beware, he will be a charmer, he will be glorious, powerful, he will be the ultimate deceiver.

Here is what I’m getting around to saying and suggesting: This “Second Earth Age” is a continuance of the previous battle in heaven between God and Satan. This continuance involves ‘us’ flesh blood and bone creatures. The struggle before us is who we will serve, Satan or God? I believe this life is little more than a test for eternity. Are we worthy? did we pass the test? I sincerely hope that this post put you on a path for more “revelation knowledge” to be done on your own, with God’s guidance. However, if you are happy where you are, then sleep on sweet Charlotte. Frankie The Earthman.

A watchman.

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