Free thought from Frankie:

I am seemingly over concerned about America ( some might say), I will explain. Whether anyone cares to acknowledge or believe it, America is currently under the same judgments that befell Israel in her ancient days. Israel was used as a pattern for America’s founding. America has all but forgotten her first love and her founding.

In the ancient past, if God “spared not his chosen people,” where does that leave America? Another point I would like to make is that America’s “hedge of protection” has been lifted. It was lifted with the occurrence of 9/11. If you don’t know about hedges of protection coming from God, you need to study the ancient history of Israel.

God wants to bring healing to our nation. Collectively and generally speaking, we are in an unrepentant state. Seems like most Americans’ concerns revolve around their social media platforms. We walk around like zombies and don’t realize our asses are on fire. Our asses are on fire because Joe Biden and his desired ‘one party system’ through the rest of the democrats is coming for us.

Of course, Joe Biden is not physically coming for us, it is far worse. He is coming indirectly through corruption. He is coming through neglect.

He is coming through inflation, over regulation, rampant crime, and the neglect of our Southern border; neglect of our Southern border through human smuggling, trafficking, enough fentanyl to kill all of us, meanwhile ass wipe Joe, does NOTHING, but smile and lie.

He is coming for us through this “brainless climate change agenda.” We have gone from being an energy provider leader to being foreign energy dependent. Ask most anyone who works for a living, we cannot depend on green energy. God has “given us over to ourselves.” America needs to be broken. There is a saying in Christian circles, that a person must come to the end of themselves” to find and wholly trust God. This must happen to America collectively. I believe that as long as we resist God’s voice and calling, we will remain on the wrong side of God. Judgment increases until we break. I say this from personal opinion, experience, and study. Does any American really want to live under the oppression like the Chinese live under?

We need a thankful spirit to return to this country. Our apathy needs to end before it’s too late.

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