Food for thought, and really, this post should be viewed as a warning to anyone who cares about what’s really going on in this world.

I want you to think about the depth, the magnitude, and the seriousness of the levels of deception taking place in our world. I want you to think of Barack and Michelle, ‘Michael’ Obama. I want you to think of their charm, charisma, and success. I want you to think of Joe Biden, who is Barack Obama’s demon seed. Joe Biden couldn’t tell the truth if his old, decrepit butt depended on it.

Then have a look at 2nd Thessalonians. I want you to see and recognize “the son of perdition,” the coming deceiver, Satan, will be 100 × more charming than Barack Obama. If collectively, we can not see through Barack Obama and creepy Joe’s deception; how in the world will we survive the coming Anti-Christ? He will not only be a deceiving angel of light, claiming to be God, he will have powers and able to summon lightning down from the sky. ( He will be so powerful that even believers can be deceived ) So, my friends, I want to ask you, how long will we continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter? How long before we realize we are made in the image of God and have an eternal spirit? Frankie The Earthman.

A Watchman

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