I guess deeply underneath, in the the marrow of my bones, into my soul, I have slowly been arriving at this point.

Looking back on my youth, my schooling, my upbringing, I have come to realize that none of what I needed to find myself and experience life to the fullest could never come from school, parents, anyone, or anything taught. In my case, I had to find the real me on my own. I had to find the real me through talking to God. Nothing, no one else would do.

This society, this culture, has gone and has been upside down and backward. This life is little more than vanity, selfishness, a self-serving paradise. This life is for the young. Hopefully, by the time we reach middle age, we have some inkling as to what is is really important. Many of us never reach this point.

Everything goes by so fast in this life, I’m trying to learn to slow down and live in the “principle of moment (s)”

The seemingly ‘simple things’ in life bring me the most joy. I’m learning to slow down and receive the good, the bad, and the difficulty that comes with living this life. I am learning that God is my rock no matter what the circumstances, and I can have peace, because I’m going to be with Him one day. This life and these circumstances may destroy my body. This life can not destroy my spirit. I am made In the image of God, and I have an eternal spirit. I have weighed the evidence of this life, and I choose God and His plan. I am finally free. I don’t really know if I will write anymore, it doesn’t seem that important to me any longer. Only time will tell. Frankie The Earthman.

The simple things are the real gold of this life, cherish every moment, as they go by.

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