CHAOS destroys empires. America is close to complete chaos. Our government is close to complete chaos.

Ask yourself: Why is little to nothing being done about the crime, treachery, and lawlessness at our southern borders? Why is the bombardment of fentanyl and human smuggling never addressed in depth? I will tell you why. The Biden administration, the cartels ( who really run this shit show), and the Mexican government don’t really want the border closed and order restored: Why? Because if the border is closed, no money is to be made by the cartels, the Mexican government, and our American government. Notice how our government never talks about this. America could send in our military and take control. But that will not happen, because some 300 million dollars a week are being made by the cartels. Money talks, and greedy bullshit politicians line up, their pockets stretched wide, ready to be filled with cash. CHAOS DESTROYS EMPIRES. AMERICA STANDS AT THE PRECIPES.

“Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down.” Jim Morrison and The Doors of Perception.

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