Fellow earthlings: Based on Joe Biden’s crimes committed against the United States since becoming president; and since his sanitized lame, Hollywood staged visit to our Southern border, where it has been determined that his only concern was/is the services provided to help the illegals come into our country. There was no mention, concern, talk, or action about all the fentanyl that is killing americans every day. There was no mention or concern of the horrors our border patrol and their families are going through. There was no mention of the human smuggling, the drownings, and the death that takes place every day. The only concern Joe Biden has is for the “asylum and safe entry of illegals, drugs, and terrorists into this country.” What should be more alarming is that most of the mainstream media doesn’t mention the blatant neglect of Joe Biden. Yet the mainstream media loves to cover the fact that Biden says he will be running again for office. This is demonic and deep state, big tech, controlled.

Joe Biden has or is a demon. America is a post-modern, “all but Godless country.” Yes, there are God fearing people; but where are they in this spiritual battle? Has our culture handcuffed the christians? Is fear of retaliation so strong that believers stand idly by and do next to nothing? When will the Christians wake up to the reality that the struggle is not against flesh and blood, though flesh and blood is where the battle manifests? Do Americans have to find the gathering soldiers of socialistic, Communist authoritarianism knocking down their front doors, arresting those that won’t comply with their every rule? What does it take for some half of our zombified, hypnotized population to wake up to what our own government has planned for those disobeying them? Frankie The Earthman.

” Did, did, you hear the frightened ones, did, did you hear falling bombs? The planes are all gone, but the pain lingers on.” Pink Floyd–THE WALL.

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