But seriously, folks, how much more twisted and deceptive can Joe Biden and the Democrat Party be?

If you rob a bank 2 years ago and put all the money under your mattress or under lock and key in your closet; then someone discovers that you have done this and have this money stashed away, and immediately upon “finding you out” you give all the money back to the bank, and then in your defense someone says “well you did the right thing”, the fact remains that you still committed a crime. That is unless you are Joe Biden and or a Democrat.

This is an exact representation of what Joe Biden did with his top secret White House documents. Do you think that the FBI or the Department of Justice will raid the White House or any of Joe Biden’s residences? , me thinks not. I bet 90% of the media sources will not even cover this matter.

This country has gone to h*** in a great big picnic basket. God save us from ourselves, I see no other way out. Frankie The Earthnan.

Joe Godzilla Biden, wreaking havoc.

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