I suspected it all along. Joe Biden has the cognitive ability of a 5 year old. Joe Biden has been put in a position to be simple-minded because he’s not making any of the decisions in his presidency. To add insult to injury to all Americans and the world for that matter; the ‘deep state golbalist committee’ behind the decisions made in Joe Biden’s presidency are not directly held accountable either, because the public does’nt know who they really are.

My guess is that the decision makers behind “a curtain like the wizard of oz” include Barack Obama, the Clintons, perhaps representatives of the CCP? and God knows who else.

So America has been duped once again, and unfortunately, around 50% of Americans still believe that Donald Trump was involved with the Russians. The deep state plan against Donald Trump was so well conceived that who knows how long it will take for all Americans to realize the truth.

Then again, through the weaponization, corruption, and politicization of our FBI, Department of Justice, our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, TRUTH is no longer important, blood thirst for power, control, and money is to be attained at ANY COST.

We must wake up in this country to the SPIRITUAL CONNECTION between our government, the global 2030 agenda, ( and yes, thIs includes the BIG LIE OF CLIMATE CHANGE.) and the socialistic, communistic, forces set to turn America into CHINA.

To wrap up, are ‘we’ ( in large part) so hypnotized by evil powers in this country that we have literally no discernment about Joe Biden and his destructive, treasonous agenda for America? ( i.e., her downfall) Look at the simplicity of the way Joe Biden thinks. At least he holds the classified documents found in his garage as important as his precious stingray Corvette. This is about as simple and uncaring as a president can be. “Vengeance is the Lord’s, the chickens are coming home to roost” ) Written by Frankie The Earthman.

The grey skies under Joe Biden.

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